Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Tale of One-Eyed Montey

Meet Montey.

Montey was the 'head petting zoo-keeper' for a children's event I was organizing at work. Not only was he madly in love with me but he also smelled like goat poop and was missing an eye due to a run in with a pissed off emu.

Pretty scary stuff, huh?
Petting zoo Montey, as I mentioned, was inamoured by me. And can we really blame him? I think not... Country boy meets big city girl... I'm pretty sure there's a Patrick Swayze movie about this somewhere. But anyway, the petting zoo was open for three week event and every day, poor smelly, one-eyed Montey would ask me out again and again...
Perhaps one of the biggest problems he had going for him (beyond the missing eye and poop perfurm thing) was that animals are not always... um... drawn to me...

But still he dreamed. That's right, people. Montey was a man of dreams.

This did not happen.
Instead, this did:

The end.

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