I was very honored when I asked myself to write this forward. I truly believe that I have one of the greatest literary voices of our time. My prose rolls like a drunk, fat sorority girl rolls across the fraternity house lawn. And my knack at expressing myself visually through art… well… just see for yourself.

When I first told people I had selected myself to write a forward to this blog, they all said ‘But Kate, do blogs even have forwards? Isn’t that more of a book thing? … And even if you did need a forward for your BLOG, wouldn’t someone else- possibly a bit more noteworthy than you- be the one to actually write it?’

Well, egg on your face, nay-sayers. Because this blog DOES have a forward and if you’re reading it now, that means I wrote it. So there.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I have enjoyed living a life that has earned me the title of ‘girl-brained moron’.

-K.E. Schwaller
Author, ‘Confessions of a Girl-Brained Moron’