Tuesday, June 22, 2010


That's right, I've always been one to count my chicks before the hatch... you know, like that time I bought 12 lottery tickets and through my crazy-good math skills decided that statistically I HAD to win, right? So then it made perfect sense to use all my rent money that month on a new 50" flat screen and a couple of hot outfits. Or that one time when I was dating the oompa loompa and thought it'd be a great idea to go pick out my own engagment ring because that was on his agenda, right? Oh, or maybe just yesterday when I was so pumped about the great workout I was sure to have after work and was so full of pride and awesomeness that I had like 3 value meals for lunch from McDonalds.

Okay, maybe those are all bad examples because strangely enough, none really worked out as I had planned.

But. This.

This is a winner. I can feel it in my boooooones!

This blog is going to be funny, entertaining, enlightning and educational. And most importantly, I really think it's going to make me famous. Like, really famous. Like Madonna-famous. And probably all by Thursday of next week.

People will read, they'll laugh, they'll send me little messages like 'Kate, it's like you're speaking to my SOUL' and I'll be gracious and send them back a message like 'Thanks, I would be nothing if it weren't for my fans'. And they'll be all like 'Wow, Kate. I have this cousin who's a 6'4" triathlete, 32 years old, never married, no kids, definitely un-crazy, super funny and rich. Do you think you'd like to meet him?' And I'd respond 'Well, I don't know... I have lots of admirers from this site... I'll think about it'. And eventually that fan will wear me down and I'll meet her cousin and it'll be love at first site and we'll immediately get to some hot humping and then start planning our wedding and move into his ginormous house with a pool and start thinking about having kids and deciding that our first little girl should be named Emery and that we'll totally pull a Brad and Angie and adopt like 12 more kids from all over the world and we'll be totally global.

Anyway, so yeah. I tend to be pretty positive. And as you can probably tell I'm also a bit of a girl-brained moron at times.

So, this is my blog. You're lucky to be starting with me this early in the journey- you can be all like 'What?!? You're just now hearing about the girl-brained moron blog? Ha. I've been following her for like 2 days already, sucker!'

I'm not really sure what this blog will be about yet... probably stupid stories that only I think are funny and stuff about my cats. But whatev.
Chicks, you've been counted. Consider this your notice.

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