Sunday, June 27, 2010

To Only Further My Point...

... I'm starting to believe I might actually really suck at this blogging thing. If it's not bad enough that I mentioned fowl in a majority of my first posts (I refuse to say 'chicks' in this one... wait. sonofabiscuit... *melodramatic sigh) I'm now questioning my artistic abilities as well.

Take the following pictures for example. One I spent about 20 minutes on and was slightly buzzed down at my parent's boat when I doodled it.... the other was crafted by my brother. My 10 year old brother who I had to explain how to drag and click on the laptop before he could start.
Also extremely telling this this photo: my dear baby bro draws himself holding a baseball glove (or maybe it's a human head... who knows) and my self portrait is of me drinking a Bud at 7am in the morning. Also, I think his cursive is better than mine.
My mom would be so proud.

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